About Us

VDimage studio was born in Rome in 2010 from David Vilella.

Through the years, the studio has had the pleasure and the honour to photograph couples in their most beautiful day in the most exclusive venues in Rome, but also at breathtaking destinations as Ponza, Florence, Amalfi coast, Tuscany, Umbria, Switzerland and they are destination wedding expert. Their customers are demanding, sophisticated, with an artistic taste couples, looking for clear,
essential, spontaneous but scenic and emotional images. They collaborate with most prestigious venues, best bespoken partners and best Italian and foreign wedding planners. They have told not only catholic ceremonies, but they know in detail protestant, jewish rites and also civil unions, being able to grant you a complete and flawless photographic story-telling for every kind of wedding. During the event day, the team works paying attention for the details, discretion and deep empathy with the couple.


David was born in Rome and, after classic studies, decided to cultivate his love for art, which he took from his painter mother. He studies at Scuola Romana di Fotografia and he soon starts working on weddings. His shots, anyway, go beyond weddings. David, who is a music lover and a bass player as a hobby, has the honour to capture Vasco Rossi, Jovanotti, Lady Gaga during some of their shows. The passion for fashion and design leads him to attend the Fashion Photography master degree at the John Kaverdash Academy in Milan, where he learns precious techniques for portraits and lighting set uo. The attention for the post-production process the focus of his studies with Marianna Santoni, the photoshop guru and one of the best know digital photography experts, in order to deliver to his customers flawless pictures. Although all the years of experience and the goals achieved, David still feels like a student and his willing to learn and improve himself makes his work always dynamic and in line with new techniques and trends at the moment.


I’ve been into photography since childhood, so much that the present for my 7th birthday was a Polaroid. Since then, I have always cultivated my passion and finally got to my present job. After the studies at the business school, with advanced technology course, I started studying communication and photography. I’ve been lucky to have great photographers from “Fotografia Reflex” historical magazine as teachers. I worked for many years in publishing as art director and editing graphic. I’ve always loved the smell of the paper when having a book or a magazine in the hands. After working for various national and international publishing houses I started to realize photo reportage and studio shootings. This is how I started my new career that about 8 years ago led me to meeting David and with him I got into the world of wedding photography. I was glad to have the opportunity to exploit all my experience to realize a photographic story of all couples’ best day. In every wedding, I am always empathic with the people, in order to let their happyness, love and feelings come out from the pictures I take. I love reading any kind of books and I have been practicing yoga for many years. I love nature and, as soon as possible, I go with my son, my husband and our dog trekking on the mountains.